Outdoor Retailer Debut: NiteRider’s 2015 Product Line

Every year the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market attracts thousands of exhibitors, vendors, buyers, and industry representatives to Salt Lake City for four full days of intense tradeshow interactions. The Summer OR is a place where new brands are often launched, incredible progress is made for existing brands, and long-term investment decisions are made. Not to mention, it is an amazing opportunity for media and to get the latest scoop on product developments and releases for the upcoming year!  Singletracks met up with NiteRider to talk shop and get the latest scoop on their line for the upcoming year.


NiteRider has continued to produce top-quality mountain bike lights for over 25 years now. Boasting top quality components and materials in all of their lights, NiteRider was proud to also announce their 2015 product line at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show in Salt Lake City this week.  Now with increased options, more efficient LEDs, new mounting options, and headlamp models, it’s no wonder why NiteRider is leading the way in terms of bike lighting products.

Adventure 180 (left)

Adventure 180
NiteRider’s newest developments include the addition of a headlamp system. The Adventure 180 sports a lightweight body, lithium ion battery (USB charged), ComfortFit headband, and several performance modes to meet your riding needs.  The Adventure 180 is said to be a well-rounded performer that functions as an adaptable headlamp for commuting, mountain biking, and all-around usability.

Pivot Mounting System
Pivot 180 headband
Helmet mount for pivot system.

Pivot 180
Similar in power, design, and output, the Pivot comes in as a rugged and dependable headlamp that is new on the line for 2015. Different than the Adventure, the Pivot features a detachable system that allows the headlamp’s light to be used for a variety of different activities or riding preferences.  The new Pivot Mounting System is what makes this all possible! Similar to some locking devices, the user simply twists and locks the headlamp into a variety of different styled mounts.  The pivot system allows users to wear the light as a headlamp, to use a magnetic mount, adapt the camera to a tripod, fix the camera to your handlebars, or find a different creative way to use the camera.

Explorer 350
Explorer 650

Explorer 350 & 650
When it comes to hands-free lighting, the new explorer series may be among the best! The Explorer series features higher-powered lights that are integrated into a headlamp system. With a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, you have plenty of punch backed by the ability to swap out batteries with a quick-switch cartridge system.  The Explorer 650 is an even more advanced option that ties together maximum brightness with a headband system for those folks who require more light output from a headlamp.


Lumina 750
NiteRider is also in the process of updating several bike lights including the Lumina series, which will now feature a 750 lumen lamp that raises the bar for self-contained lights.  The Lumina 750 will claim the title as the most versatile one-piece bike lamp yet produced. It will feature Intellicharge, allowing for the fastest recharge time of any Lumina lamp ever made.


NiteRider has unveiled many things that bolster their series of lights to the next level. Although there’s no way that this list can serve as a comprehensive update–pending final prototypes and company decisions–we are encouraged to see light technology progressing to the next level.

Other things that NiteRider is working on include (1) boosting the power and efficiency of the Pro series, (2) releasing a new Enduro series (pictured above) based on the pro design-style, (3) creating advanced commuter lights with laser-lane technology, and (4) creating more lights that are compact and highly-portable.

Stay tuned to Singletracks as we check in with Niterider at Interbike in early September, and check out www.niterider.com for more details!