Giant Announces First Mountain Bike Suspension Fork, the Crest 34

Giant just announced their first-ever mountain bike fork, called the Crest 24. The suspension fork was designed and manufactured in house, and is meant for XC and trail bikes.

While details about the fork are sparse, Giant is touting the precision construction saying, “the Crest’s uppers and lowers are perfectly circular and concentric and offer a virtually frictionless action.” The company says one of the processes it uses is called thixomolding which is actually a real thing.

The fork offers low speed compression and rebound settings, and features both positive and negative air springs along with a lockout. Buyers can add or subtract volume spacer tokens to adjust the performance further.

The fork sports a signature hollow crown.

The Crest 34 mountain bike suspension fork has a 299lb. rider weight limit, and initially two models will be available, one for 27.5″ wheels and the other for 29ers. The 27.5 fork can fit tires up to 2.6″ wide, while the 29er fork accepts tires up to 2.4″ wide.

Weights, pricing, travel lengths, and availability information is not yet available; check the Giant website for more.