Crankbrothers Highline Droppers Now Available in Varied Lengths for XC or Gravel Bikes with 27.2mm Diameter Seat Tubes

While we all sensibly want a dropper post on every bike that’s worth riding, we don’t all need the same amount of travel or overall post length. Crankbrothers has extended their Highline dropper offerings to better suit racey XC and gravel bikes, with a new internally routed 27.2mm diameter offering.

The narrower post comes in a 60mm travel with the option of a 260mm or 160mm fully extended length to suit different riders and frames. From there the 27.2mm Highline is also available with 80mm, 100mm, and 125mm of travel at 280mm, 300mm, and 325mm full extension lengths, respectively. Weights for the two 60mm posts and the 80-125mm options are 369g, 410g, 434g, 459g, and 467g.

Each of the posts uses a simple 2-bolt saddle clamp design and a self-contained IFP hydraulic cartridge to pop that saddle into place. They all come with Jagwire cable and housing, and the remotes are sold separately.

The posts can be actuated on drop-bars with the new Highline Drop Bar Remote. The lever is designed to mount on the left side, and it pulls cable if pushed in either of two directions which should make it easier to find the right mounting location for your liking.

Highline 27.2mm droppers join the broad range of longer-travel and wider-diameter posts offered by Crankbrothers. All of the new posts retail for $249.99, and the remote sells for $49.99.

Click over to the Crankbrothers site for further details, or to pick up a Highline today.