The SDMBA in San Diego is Advocating for Trails and Riders in California’s Second-Most Populated County

Susie Murphy is the executive director of the San Diego Mountain Bike Association and is also a board member with the California Mountain Biking Coalition.

  • What is the San Diego Mountain Bike Association’s mission, and how are you organized? 
  • When and why did the SDMBA get its start?
  • How long have you been with the SDMBA, and how did you get involved?
  • Did the recent boom in mountain bike participation translate into SDMBA membership growth?
  • What are some of the most popular trails your group helps support?
  • Are there many opportunities for new trail builds in and around San Diego?
  • Several years ago the chapter was pretty vocal about the bikes in wilderness issue. Why is or was that so important in your area, and where are we now?
  • Do you think protesting can be an effective tool for mountain bike advocates?
  • What does the current discussion around e-bike trail access look like for SDMBA?
  • What’s the biggest constraint SDMBA faces in carrying out and growing the mission? I
  • How does SDMBA work with the newly formed CA Mountain Biking Coalition? Do you think legislative lobbying is an effective way to increase MTB access? 
  • What’s next for SDMBA?

Learn more about the San Diego Mountain Bike Association at and the California Mountain Bike Coalition at

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