Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in Wyoming


The first stop in our new Five2Ride series is Wyoming. If any state in the union can still claim to be the Wild West, it’s Wyoming. With only 584,000 people residing in the entire state, elbow room and wild places abound! And that means there’s plenty of room for excellent mountain bike trails.

Curt Gowdy State Park, Cheyenne

Photo: guyinhead
Photo: guyinhead

Curt Gowdy State Park has become a household name… at least, in households which have at least a few mountain bikes in the garage. Its location in Southern Wyoming close to the mountain biking hotbed that is the state of Colorado could have something to do with it, but the quality of the trails here speaks for itself. You can find everything here from flow to gnar, and the relatively dry climate lends itself to a rather lengthy riding season.

“Amazing network of trails where riders of all skill levels will find sections that satisfy their riding ability. Park has multiple “play areas” and I suggest checking out Skin & Bones for drops and rock gardens and Middle Kingdom for jumps and some berms. Shoreline, Crystal Ridge and Mahogany are XC trails. El Alto and Slabz are large rock slabs. I recommend staying the night here if you are driving a ways because you will not get to ride everything in one day and will want more . Camping here is great too. Some sections are similar to buffalo creek but scale of the place is smaller, which I’m my mind is a good thing because you can do about three 8-10 mile loops in a day and take breaks at your car.” -VitalyG

Wilkins Peak Trails, Green River

Photo: Projekt Roam
Photo: Projekt Roam

Once viewed solely as a pit stop along a barren stretch of I-80, Green River has recently made a name for itself as a burgeoning mountain bike destination. Most of the trails in Green River are housed in the Wilkins Peak Trail System, which garners a black diamond rating overall. Classics such as Pick Your Poison, TNT, and Lunatic Fringe are sure to keep you entertained!

“A piece of singletrack heaven in southwest Wyoming. Enjoy everything from easy cruiser trails to fast downhill runs to challenging, heart-pounding uphill. If you’re traveling through the area on I-80, don’t miss out on this slice of singletrack paradise.” -candyrapper

Cache Creek to Game Creek, Jackson

Photo: justin70
Photo: justin70

The Cache Creek trail is easily accessible from the town of Jackson, and thanks to that accessibility, Jackson’s popularity, the gorgeous views from this trail, and the high quality of the singletrack, it’s a popular ride. You can tie this trail into others at Snow King resort for an even longer and more varied ride.

“I have ridden half of the Top 25 trails, and I don’t understand how this trail isn’t in the Top 100, much less in the Top 10. Riding in early July, I found the hard packed downhills pristinely smooth, the views almost unmatched, the wildflowers comparable to Crested Butte, and the climbs to be well-planned. The trail architect and builders should be commended. 

(Route: Hoback->Across Snow King->Up Putt-Putt->Up Cache Creek Road->Game->West Game->Ferrins->Back Across Snow King…)” -Jeff Collier

Happy Jack Recreation Area, Laramie

Photo: dauw
Photo: dauw

The Happy Jack Recreation Area is located 12 miles outside of Laramie. This multiuse trail network is home to at least 30 miles of trails… if not more. This expansive trail system is located on the flanks of 9,027-foot Pole Mountain, with some trails encircling the entire mountain.

“The Headquarters/Happy Jack/Tie City area provides a remarkable network of trails on the rise between Laramie and Cheyenne. The elevation and woods provide a respite from the summer heat and the ever-present Wyoming wind. Ride the length of the Headqauarters trail, especially from the northeast trailhead, then connect with the Tie City/Happy Jack network. Hit the Aspen Loop for a hootin&hollerin roller coaster downhill. Bring your suspension to the aptly named Death Crotch. Hook up with a local or stop at one of the bike shops in Laramie to get the most out of your day. Bring bug spray.” -John Fisch

Andy’s to Colter to Mill Creek Trail, Alta

Photo: justin70

Located in the mountains on the east side of the Teton Valley, and close to Grand Targhee ski resort, this trail is best done as a shuttle. In fact, the recommended route begins in the ski resort and then drops all the way down into Teton Canyon, for a total of almost 2,000 feet of elevation loss.

“Trail has the best views and downhill rivals any in the area. Lightning loop segment has views of the Grand Teton almost the whole time. The mill creek downhill is extremely fast with a couple of small rock gardens along the way couple with some small rocks to jump off.” -toddmare

Your Turn: Have you ridden in Wyoming? Which trails are your favorites?

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