Ultra Endurance Record Holder Eddie O’Dea Shares His Bikepacking Tips [Podcast #121]

photo: Greg Heil

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In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, ultra-endurance mountain bike racer and record holder Eddie O’Dea talks about what it takes to be a bikepacking champion. (Hint: it involves staying awake for long periods of time.) Eddie holds course records in the Stage Coach 400, Trans North Georgia, and Huracan 300 ultra endurance mountain bike races, with more bikepacking course records than any other racer. This year he completed the Tour Divide and raised nearly $20,000 for the Georgia state high school racing league along the way.

Eddie talks about the unique skills that come into play in ultra-endurance racing and explains some of the tactics and strategies he’s found effective over the years. We also ask Eddie why he does what he does and talk about what he’s up to when he’s not riding his bike all day and night.

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