Mountain Bike Crime Report: Doped Up Tires & Stolen Goods


photos: CBP

Man tries to smuggle marijuana across border in bike tires

Yep, that headline just about sums it up but here are some more details (the Examiner said it was a mountain bike but clearly we’re looking at BMX tires here). Apparently the guy managed to stuff two and a half pounds of marijuana into his tire tubes before attempting to ride across the border at Tijuana. Officers noticed some “abnormalities” with the tire and drug dogs alerted them to the cache.

Next time we recommend a 29er mountain bike (fits more drugs) and perhaps a tubeless arrangement (not as bulky). Also, consider stuffing the drugs into the bike frame itself – dogs are less likely to smell it and the X-ray won’t detect a thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stolen bike recovered using Craigslist sleuthing

We’re sure this happens a lot but it’s a good lesson for those who have high-end mountain bikes stolen. A guy in San Luis Obispo had two mountain bikes stolen – a $4,000 Specialized SX and a $2,000 Specialized P.3 – so he started trolling Craiglist to see if the bikes turned up for sale. Sure enough, the SX was posted on Craigslist for just $1,000 and after attempting to arrange a sting himself (the seller got suspicious), he turned it over to the cops and they got his bike back.

The other lesson here is that if an online bike deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably a stolen bike. If you buy a bike that is later identified as stolen, not only will you have to give it back but you’ll also be out the money you paid to the thief. Double ouch. Tackling the stolen bike market involves attacking both the supply and demand side – don’t be a demander (or supplier for that matter).

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