Watch: “What Is the Greatest Innovation in Mountain Biking in the Last 10 Years?”

The focus of the recent Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland conference was innovation, and what’s next for Scotland. Asking “what’s next for Scotland?” could be the same thing as asking “what’s next for the world?” because as I’ve argued, Scotland may just be one off the most progressive mountain bike destinations in the world.

But as we look forward, it’s important to look back and think about where we’ve come from and all the things that we’ve accomplished as a sport in the past 10 years. That’s the question posed to attendees of the conference in the video above. With responses from luminaries such as Gary Fisher; to Graeme McLean, the head of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland; to yours truly; the range of responses paints a positive picture of progression, development, and hope for the future.

Take two and a half minutes and give this short video a watch!

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