Titanium Frames, Soft Tail Mountain Bikes, Mixed Wheels, Bikepacking, and Gravel: The Moots Interview [Podcast #277]

Jon Cariveau is the head of marketing for Moots, the Steamboat Springs, Colorado based bike brand known for hand building premium, titanium bikes. Jon is a passionate rider and racer, and has been with the brand for 24 years, starting in the shop when Moots had less than half a dozen employees.

Moots is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year so we look back at some of the brand’s unique bike designs and product decisions over the years, starting with the YBB soft tail mountain bike released in the 1980s.

We also ask:

  • What are the biggest advantages of a titanium mountain bike frame? What are the disadvantages or tradeoffs?
  • In 2010 Moots featured a “96er” in the lineup. Are you surprised to see mixed wheel bikes making a bit of a comeback today?
  • As a company that is building bikes domestically, how has Moots been dealing with supply chain disruptions due to Covid?
  • How does the company’s location in Steamboat Springs, Colorado influence the products and design?
  • What does Moots have in store for the next decade? What will we be talking about when Moots celebrates its 50th anniversary?

To learn more about Moots, visit moots.com.

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