The Magicshine 90X Series Claims up to 8,000 Lumens for Under $250

8 LEDs are crammed into this behemoth. Remote pictured on left, rear light on right.

The latest mountain bike lights in the 90X series from MagicShine feature not only bright LEDs, but also a bar-mounted remote control and a connected tail light for improved visibility.

MagicShine is very up front in stating that their lumen claims aren’t 100% guaranteed. For example, their website adds disclaimers like “theoretical lumens, actual lumens may vary” and “we consider [our lumen numbers to be] highly over-stated.” So I’m not really sure how bright the 8 LED, “8,000 lumen” light on display at Interbike really is, but I can tell you it’s very bright. The beam pattern is a little suspect given the simplicity of the design and arrangement of the LEDs, though only real-world testing can confirm.

One battery powers the front and rear lights.
One battery powers the front and rear lights.

The 90X series is notable because it includes a bar-mounted remote control for both the main light and an included rear, red light. The rear light connects to the same battery as the main light.

The MJ-902 has 2 LEDs, a theoretical 2,000 lumen output, and sells online for $129.95. The MJ-906 bumps up to 5 LEDs with a theoretical output of 5,000 lumens for $159.95. The 8 LED, 8,000 claimed lumen output light is available online for $239.99 not currently listed on Magicshine’s website, but I’m told it should sell for under $250. All three lights claim to run for 3+ hours on high.

Added info 9/27/16: The 8,000 lumen MagicShine is called the MJ-908 and includes a digital display showing the amount of battery life remaining.