Scott MTB Comp Shoe Review

Mountain biking is expensive. We all know this. The thing is, I hate the idea of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of simple mountain bike shoes. Many top-end shoes cost $300 or more, which some people consider to be too much for a complete mountain bike.

I thought, “there has to be a decent shoe out there that won’t break the bank, but will still provide solid performance and will stand the test of time.” The Scott MTB Comp is that shoe.


With an MSRP of $110 and an online retail price closer to $75, these shoes aren’t free, but they’re about as affordable as you’ll find for a dedicated cross country-style, clipless mountain bike shoe. However, that doesn’t mean that Scott skimped on the design and technology side.


The closure system is a basic but reliable three strap velcro closure. The uppers are made of synthetic leather with 3d mesh and a microfiber tongue. The sole consists of nylon fiberglass, and the shoes feature an ErgoLogic removable insole. Despite the low price, these shoes weigh in at a respectable 340g.

Out on the Trail

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I have had a string of bad luck with shoes not standing the test of time, so I decided to put the MTB Comps through the ringer, over the long term, before writing my review. I’ve been riding with these shoes since early 2015, and have thrashed them on terrain all across the Western US. Not only have I pedaled hundreds of miles, but these shoes have survived relentless hike-a-bike climbs in challenging, sole-destroying (and soul-destroying) terrain.


While the shoes are, of course, showing the wear that they’ve received, they’re still going strong, and are begging for more. Durability and quality has been top-notch, despite being such an affordable shoe.

Performance has also kept pace as well. The soles are stiff for excellent cross country-style power transfer to the pedals. Despite the stiffness, they still are reasonably comfortable to hike in due to the durable lugs on the outsole. Now granted, these aren’t the most fun for extended hike-a-bikes, but that’s to be expected with any XC shoe.

The velcro straps have been dependable over time, and the synthetic leather uppers have held up well to rock strikes, mud, water, and much more.

Fit on these shoes runs a bit to the large size–I ordered my standard shoe size, and found them to be a bit loose, but not unusable. You may want to consider sizing down a half a size, and I’d recommend trying before you buy.

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Bottom Line

Were you expecting a more verbose review? If so, I’m sorry to disappoint. At the end of the day, the Scott MTB Comp shoes are an affordable pair of XC-style shoes that are comfortable, will last a very long time, and won’t break the bank. You might think that getting all of these factors and this level of durability in a shoe would be common place, but as I’ve learned over the last two years, it’s not.

Thanks to Scott for providing the MTB Comp Shoes for review.