New Reserve 30/SL Carbon Wheels are Made for Trail Riding

Photos: Reserve

The Reserve brand has a new set of carbon mountain bike wheels on the market today, the 30/SL, made just for trail riding. For a bit of background, Reserve was founded in 2014 and launched their first wheel set in 2017 with a lifetime guarantee. They’ve now made themselves independent from Santa Cruz bikes and have expanded their line to gravel wheels, XC, trail, and more. Reserve still offers lifetime support.

The Reserve 30/SL wheels feature a wider, lower rim profile, which increases strength and lateral rigidity, and they have improved vertical compliance for better traction. The new rim shape should also help with tubeless tire installation and improve bead retention at lower pressures, says Reserve. This is achieved with a step-in internal rim bed.

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The internal width is 30mm and they are recommended for use with tires between 2.2-2.5″ wide. The new Reserve wheels are only available in a 29″ diameter and have a 28-hole spoke count front and rear. There is no rider weight limit on these wheels.

The new carbon-rimmed wheelset weighs 1,750g complete with Industry Nine Hydra hubs, valves, and tape. The i9 hubs are an added cost though and that set sells for $1,900. They’ll also be available with DT Swiss 350 hubs for $1,599. Each rim weighs 440g. Check out the Reserve website for more info.