Readers’ Choice: 10 Best Lights for Mountain Biking at Night

2. Cheap Chinese Light off of Amazon

Despite a first-hand account of a cheap Chinese light burning down a mountain biker’s house in Florida being published on this very website, these extremely cheap lights only continue to increase in popularity. Last year if these lights, often referred to simply as “Cheap Amazon Light,” were included on the list, they would have taken spot #3. For 2017, they move up to #2.

If you’re willing to risk burning your house down in order to save a few bucks, Jeff had moderate success with the IMAGE 5000 Lumen Bike Light. The stats for that light are given below.

It is worth noting that based on Jeff’s test, the IMAGE 5000 puts out no more than 800 lumens, and that number could still be generous. As we’ll see with the NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 below, you can get that much light from a much lighter package that costs just $35-$40 more. But if you think saving $40 is worth the risk of losing your home, so be it.

  • Lumens: 800 (?)
  • Run Time: 2hrs
  • Weight: 283g
  • Price: $25

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