Readers’ Choice: 10 Best Lights for Mountain Biking at Night

9. Lezyne Power Drive 1100 XL

The Power Drive 1100 XL from Lezyne made our list last year but is unchanged in 2017, which could account for its drop from spot #6 to #9. The Power Drive features two LEDs, which provide 1,100 lumens of light on high. You can choose from 7 different power modes to conserve energy. An optional power pack can be attached to the light to increase the runtime, from 1:15 to 3:20.

While the Power Drive claimed the brightest lumen count of any single-unit light on our list in 2016, that role was usurped by a new model (below).

  • Lumens: 1,100
  • Run Time: 1hr 15min on high
  • Weight: 195g
  • Price: $100

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