OneUp’s V2 Dropper Offers Adjustable Travel and a Short Overall Length [Review]

The travel length for the OneUp V2 Dropper can be tuned to maximize the amount of drop that a rider’s frame design and leg length allow. It’s rare that we see a dropper post with truly unique features, and this one includes a few. OneUp claims that they have achieved the shortest stack height and total length of any dropper on the market with this second version. If you’ve ever had trouble finding a proper dropper to fit your frame, keep reading.

Markings along the backside of the post help keep the height dialed.

The first iteration of this post was only available in 150 or 170mm lengths, and its travel was adjustable by a whopping 50mm. I rode the 170mm size of that first model reduced to 142mm to fit my frame and legs, and it is still functioning flawlessly after more than a year. The revised V2 model is available in 210, 180, 150, and 120mm travel measurements, and as the travel number shortens, so too does the total length of the post. OneUp’s Dropper Post Selector widget will help folks get the most drop for their bike and inseam, and the V2 droppers are adjustable by 20mm, in 10mm increments. The shorter total length of the new version meant that I was able to run a full 150mm dropper, with no travel reduction.

The dropper’s head is about as shallow as they come.

Installing the post is as quick and easy as most. Thankfully component companies are moving away from the barrel nut attachment at the bottom of the post, now managing all of the cable clamping and tensioning at the handlebar — where a mechanic can actually see it. With the cable housing measured and installed, and cable head inserted in the post, grease the lower and insert it to the desired height. Then tighten the post-clamp and finally the anchor bolt on the lever, and that’s it. After routing the cable housing, the total install took about ten minutes.

I didn’t have to reduce the travel on the V2 post but having done so on the first iteration I can say it’s a wicked quick process. This helpful video will help you dial in the drop.

The shorter 150mm V2 post up top, and reduced 170mm V1 below.
  • Price: $/€199 – $/€209 (available from JensonUSA, REI, Competitive Cyclist, and others)
  • Weight: 500g (150mm travel, 30.9mm diameter, tested)
  • Sizes: 120-210mm lengths, 30.9, 31.6, 34.9mm diameters
  • Remote lever: $/€49, 43g (Shimano I-Spec EV tested) (available from REI and evo)
  • Total Length: 420mm

Both of the OneUp droppers I have tested were smooth, fast, and reliable throughout. Neither has asked for service beyond the recommended cleaning and relube, and neither has more than a degree of wiggle after hundreds of kilometers on the trail. When it is time for a full service, the cartridge can be replaced by any home mechanic for $60. I love that one of my favorite trail innovations from the past decade works so well that I can simply install and forget about it.

The V2 lever integrates seamlessly with SRAM or Shimano levers, or it can be mounted with a separate 22m clamp.

The OneUp V2 dropper returns with enough speed that I have never wanted it to go faster, but not so fast that it causes any pain or discomfort when it meets my shorts. The clean alloy V2 lever rotates around a sealed cartridge bearing to keep it smooth for the long run. With all of that front shifter mess in the recycling bin, the under-bar lever feels and fits almost symmetrically with the rear shifter on the opposite side.

I like to mount my brake levers fairly high on the bar, which meant that I was not able to rotate the V2 remote back as far as I would have liked. The remote attaches to a channel in the new Shimano brake lever that is not long enough to let it rotate around the bar far enough for me. Depending on your brake lever placement, riders with new Shimano I-Spec-EV levers might find better remote positions with a regular 22mm bar clamp.

The description for this V2 dropper includes words like “most,” “first,” and “only,” that typically would accompany components at exorbitant price points. At $199 for the post and $49 for the updated lever, this up-down-maker is half the price of some others, with patented features that many brands have yet to consider. If you want a quality post that can handily accommodate a variety of frames and riders, this is the one I would recommend.

Thanks to the fine folks at OneUp Components for sending the V2 Dropper and remote over for review.

⭐️ Find the OneUp V2 Dropper Post online at Jenson USA, REI, Competitive Cyclist, and other online retailers.

⭐️ Find the remote lever (Shimano I-Spec EV tested) online at REI and evo.