Chrome Refreshes their Bike Shoe Lineup With new Flats and Clips

Panaracer and Chrome have teamed up to offer a durable new pile of shoes for folks to choose from.

The new Chrome Kursk PRO shoe is a low-top clipless option with a hydrophobic upper for wet rides and a Panaracer outsole for grip and durability that sells for $100. The hightop iteration of that shoe is called Southside 3.0 PRO (pictured above), with all of the same bells and whistles for $110.

There is also a slip-on flat pedal shoe for commuting that’s called the DIMA 3.0, retailing for $95, and a mid-top flat pedal pair they’re calling Southside 3.0 LOW that will retail for $100. Both of the flat pedal pairs share water-resistant and durability characteristics with their more serious clipped-in compatriots.

Head over to Chrome Industries for further details.