Bike lights from Knog

Sometimes the beauty of a design comes from simplicity rather than a full feature list and the Skink and Beetle safety bike lights from Knog prove the point nicely. All Knog LED safety lights are encased in flexible silicon exteriors that double as a bike mount system – just stretch and attach!

The Skink has 4 red or white LEDs and with the included 2 AAA batteries you can get up to 220 hours in flash mode. The light has a low battery warning indicator and changing out dead batteries is a snap. Like other lights from Knog, the Skink is water resistant so you can still be safe even in rainy conditions. While these lights are *technically* safety lights only, our tests show you could get by with these in a pinch if you find yourself out on the trail unexpectedly after dark. Pop one in your Camelback just in case!

The Beetle is similar to the Skink but with half the lights. With the Bettle you get 5 light settings: 1 steady, 2 fast flashing, and 2 slow flashing / police flash. With only 2 LEDs you might think the Beetle is a bit underpowered but I challenge anyone to stare into the lights for even a fraction of a second (warning: you may experience temporary or even permanent blindness). Same great case and mounting system, smaller package. The Beetle takes 2 coin cell batteries which are a little tougher to find but take heart: you’ll get up to 160 hours of life in flashing mode!

Knog lights are quirky looking lights that are actually all business when it comes down to what matters most: safety. Throw a couple in your bag on the trail or pop ’em on your bike for that evening commute – Knog lights are rad.