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      I am entertaining the thought of getting an Onyx Classic rear hub, but I can’t judge whether they are suitable & reliable. On the suitability part, specifically, I enjoy riding technical stuff (let’s call it trials). Are they too spongy for that? I understand they are supposedly “instant engagement”, but it takes a bit for the sprags to erect from what I understand. Any estimates of how many degrees of pedal movement we are talking? What about longevity, especially considering frequent engagements of the freehub on technical rides and, presumably, a fair amount of torque? Any experience that you can share?

      It seems no bike shop in the area has them on a bike for a test ride, reviewers are basically just echoing the marketing induced speech bubbles or providing their opinion after unboxing, and I am reluctant to buy yet another “high-end” hub that is basically useless after less than a year — my experience with Industry Nine’s Hydra.
      If you are running them, can you please share your experience?

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      A bit of a late response but, here goes!

      The sprag engages instantly however, you will feel it getting tighter initially, that does not translate to slippage or additional travel of the pedals before motion of the wheel is occurring.

      I have owned my Onyx hubs for several years and frankly, I would not buy any other brand that is trying to enter that price range with a damn ratchet! I run my Onyx on Rocky Mountain trails and have no issue with the hub in any way.

      My trials bike is a KOXX Red Sky with a TryAll freewheel, 108 click. I can safely say, that feels sloppy by comparison to an Onyx! Marketing B.S. this is not.

      If my pedals move forward, the wheel moves forward and now I need a pile of cash  to have Onyx on all 18 of my bikes!!



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        Thanks for sharing your experience! I am glad you like them. I think on the engagement front I am convinced — I only heard positive things so far. Reliability is another story, where I got very much mixed signals. Some have never had problems, others say the contrary. Though, admittedly, a lot of the latter seemed to be more hear-say and less first hand experience (a la, “didn’t buy them because reliability was said to be not the best”). I got a bit more time to decide…but in the end I suspect the value proposition seems too great to not give them a try.

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      dose, all I can say is, perhaps those experiencing issues might be the massive rider that weighs 250-300  pounds and rides like a bull in a China shop.

      Most people have no idea what a sprag is let alone what the most common use is. Sprags have been used in automatic transmissions for decades. All a sprag is, is a one way clutch made up of roller bearings that travel between two ramped rings. One way, the bearings will go down the ramps and become loose, the other, they travel up the ramps and become tighter with more force applied. These are very smooth and impact free which is misleading. While the sprag is holding properly, slippage is nonexistent however, with an Onyx hub, you can feel the sprag becoming tighter in its grip and holding power.

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