Two Mountain Bike Films

These days mountain bike movies seem to come in two flavors: documentary and music video montages. Both formats seem to work well, though we’re a little bummed no one has found a way to make a scripted mountain bike film that isn’t completely cheesy. Anyway, this week we came across two mountain bike films that deserve your attention.

Ride the Divide

Following three riders as they attempt to complete the “world’s toughest mountain bike race,” Ride the Divide promises to be an epic film. Even if it isn’t the toughest mountain bike race, it’s certainly the longest and the self-supported riders who complete the route join an elite club. The race has no sponsors, no prizes, and just one checkpoint (the finish line). This should be a good film to watch if you’re considering an epic bikepacking trip next summer.

Screening in Denver Grand Junction this week: Thursday, Sept. 16 @ 7:30pm, Avalon Theater. Tickets are just $10 and the filmmakers will be on hand to talk after the show.

Life Cycles

Lame title aside, based on the preview this mountain bike movie should be pretty fun to watch. The Life Cycles film was shot using a RED camera which is a super portable high-def camera that seems to be all the rage in Hollywood. The DVD should be shipping sometime in mid-October and pre-orders are $5 off. Too bad more stuff like this doesn’t show in theaters…