Trans-Savoie 2021: A Surprise Return for the Legendary Enduro Stage Race? [Video]

Ali Jamieson, who put on the first-ever enduro stage race back in the day, is planning to bring the Trans-Savoie back as soon as possible. This video was originally planned as a look back, and instead, it’s a reminder of what’s to come. The venerated Trans-Savoie included more meters of descending during its grueling week of thirty timed stages than a full season of EWS racing. Ali promises that this next version will be slightly less painful, and friendly to a wider variety of riders.

The planned event will include 35 stages over six days, with 6000m of descent aided by ski lifts. The event date hasn’t yet been determined, as it remains at the whim of Covid restrictions. Riders can sign up for a notification on the Trans Savoie website, which is a wise idea since the event has always sold out within minutes of its announcement. With any luck, we will have a Singletracks team in the mix and a full report on the race to follow.