NAHBS 2015: New Di2-Compatible PRO Components from Shimano


With Shimano now offering its Di2 electronic shifting in their XTR drivetrain, PRO Components has released bars, stems, and seatposts that allow integration of the wires.

The Tharsis XC bar is available in three models: the 700mm wide flat; the 720mm wide flat top; and the 740mm wide, 15mm riser. Small channels run underneath the grip area to allow space for the shifter wires. The wires run through the bar where they exit at the middle of the bar and into the stem.

Room for Di2 wires

Worried about the hole in the middle of your bar? You shouldn’t be. It’s molded in (not drilled) and PRO took the extra precaution of widening the clamp of their stem.

Constructed of aluminum and using Ti bolts, the Tharsis stem looks like your typical XC stem at first glance. However, it’s got a neat feature that allows you to run a battery inside your steerer tube.

Exploded diagram of the new Tharsis stem

In order to preload your headset, you typically need a star nut or compression cap installed in your fork’s steerer tube. With that in the way, there’s no room for a battery. To get around this problem, the Tharsis stem uses a threaded piece at the bottom of the stem to take any play out of the fork and headset. The wrench needed to turn that small piece is included with the stem. The Tharsis stem is available in lengths ranging from 70mm-120mm and angles of either 6 or 17 degrees.

Finally, the Tharsis post is available in 27.2, 30.9, and 31.6mm diameters; 400mm length; and 0 or 20mm offsets. The post can also be used to house one of Shimano’s batteries.

The bars and posts are all constructed of unidirectional carbon fiber, while the stem is aluminum. All components share a very nice (in my opinion) matte finish with a few glossy highlights on the logos. It’s a stealth-looking setup and a great way to clean up your Di2 cockpit.

While the current Tharsis line is definitely aimed at the XC crowd, Shimano told us there will be a trail group shortly.