Former DH World Champ Manon Carpenter is Now Racing to Save the Environment, and our Trails

Manon Carpenter is a downhill mountain bike world champion and advocate for the environment living in Caerphilly, Wales. She recently premiered a documentary film titled Trails on Trial that explores how trails connect the land with communities and various stakeholders.

In this interview we ask:

  • When did you first get interested in the idea of environmental protection?
  • Was the connection between biking and the environment always pretty clear to you, even as a professional racer?
  • What are your local trails like? Who builds and maintains them?
  • Why do you think mountain bikers have a bad reputation among some environmental groups? What can we do to change that?
  • If “trails come and go,” what does that mean for us as mountain bikers?
  • Where are some of your favorite places to ride around the world?
  • Should we be concerned about the potential impact over-tourism might have on places? How can this be mitigated or offset?
  • Do you see a connection between climate change and trail conditions?

Check out some of Manon’s videos, including Trails on Trial, on this Youtube playlist. You can follow her on Instagram @manoncarpenter.

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