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Why Cleat Position Matters for Mountain Bikers and How to Find the Right Spot

To learn the ins and outs, and ups and downs of bike cleat position, we got in touch with Charles Van Atta of the Denver Fit Loft.

Should Mountain Bikers Care About Fitness Metrics Like VO2 Max?

We ask cycling coach Ben Turits about popular fitness metrics like VO2 max and lactate threshold to understand how/if they can help us get faster.

Bikepacking Precovery: Pro Tips for Avoiding Pain and Injury on Long Distance Rides

I asked five experienced ultra-endurance bikepackers what they do to stay loose, avoid injury, and reduce the need for recovery after a long ride.

Flat Pedal Switch Experiment: Benefits, Challenges, and Notable Nuances of not Clipping in

While there are both pros and cons to flats vs. clipless pedals, this little swap-experiment reminded me to maintain curiosity in this wonderful sport, and to consistently look for different ways to enjoy time with the trees.

How do you Know When You’re Too Close to the Rider in Front?

Nobody like a tailgater on the freeway. The same thing goes for riding on the trail.

3 Exercises to Improve MTB Cornering Strength and Form

Personal trainer and fitness instructor Chris shows three moves (plus a bonus!) to strengthen your body for smooth, crisp cornering on the trail.

Which is Trickier to Ride: Rock Gardens or Off-Camber Trails?

This week we’re playing a game of would-you-rather on the topic of technical trail features.

Real Talk About Bikepacking Florida

In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Matt interviews Jeff about his first big bikepacking trip, the Huracan 300 in Central Florida.

Mountain Bikers: Are You Currently on a Diet?

Diet, along with mountain biking regularly, can go a long way toward improving and maintaining long-term health.

The Bikepacking Recovery Routines the Ultra Endurance Pros Use

We learn how the pros recover following an ultra-endurance bikepacking effort.

Better MTB Climbing and Punchy Power With These 3 Leg Strength Exercises

In this video Chris demonstrates exercises for strengthening leg muscles and knees too for more power, less fatigue, and quicker recovery.

Will You Hire Coach to Improve Skills or Fitness this MTB Season?

Are you working with a coach this year and if so, to improve your skills, fitness, or both?

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