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  • schwim   ✓ supporter

    I purchased this light through eBay. The seller I bought it from packaged it along with a helmet mount and extended power cable. I could have purchased it for $20 less, but wanted to move my other light to the handlebars and use this one on the helmet(who can turn down 1,000 lumens!).

    The Good: It seems like a solid system. The connectors seem top notch and the battery I received(there are a couple versions) includes a backlit meter to let you know how much juice you've got left.

    The Bad: You are given two o-rings for mounting. If you're mounting it to the handlebars, you hook one end of the o-ring, wrap it around the bars and connect it to the other side. There is no ability to maneuver the light right or left so if your only mounting point is a part of the bars that isn't perpendicular to the trail, you're going to be lighting a part of the trail that you're not headed toward. The helmet mount was lacking as well. they give you a mount that is a raised tube to wrap the o-ring around. This makes the light sit very high above the helmet, amplifying any vibrations and bounces. I would pay good money for a setup that placed the light closer to the helmet.

    The last point I'd like to mention concerning this light is the output. It's listed as 1,000 lumens, so I thought for sure that it would wipe the floor with my Cygolite Expilion 400. I was going to move the lower powered Cygolite to the handlebars and use this one on the helmet. After using it on the trail, I found that the Cygolite has both a more focused and brighter light. I'll be moving the Cygolite back to the helmet.

    Final verdict: Not a bad light for the money, but if you're looking for top of the line, of course you'll need to keep looking.

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    Light Output
    Mounting Method

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  • jayzilla

    If you're wanting to break into the night riding scene this is a great light to do it with.

    Super bright!
    Very lite weight.
    Easy to install.
    Great price.

    Nothing as of yet.

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