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  • mrh372

    I bought two of these to give night riding a try with fall here and running out of daylight. One with a flood lens on the bars one as a spotlight on the helmet. Very impressed with how bright they are. I expected night riding to feel sketchy but these make it just as fun. Battery life seems better than rated (I have the upgraded Panasonic batteries). Handlebar clamp (an oversized O ring) can allow the light to vibrate up or down over time while riding. Not a lot and it's easy enough to move back but a more solid mount would be nice.

    Bright, battery life, cost

    Indicator LED on all the time, bar mount

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  • fleetwood

    Yes. I've used for a couple of years with no issues. It's powerful enough to use on its own, and when paired with a 2nd Magicshine things really get bright.

    very bright, can be mounted to helmets and bars, multiple settings

    battery pack is heavy, but it may not be any more heavy than other systems

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  • jtorlando25

    For the price, you can't beat this light. It's stupid bright and projects a great pattern of light for lighting the trail ahead. I have had it overheat a few times during the summer months but that's the only major complain I have about the light.

    -Great light pattern to light up the trail in front of you if used on your helmet

    -Battery is a little heavy
    -Long cable to battery can be annoying if using helmet mount solution
    -Overheats in the warmer months if used for over an hour

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  • ThomasN

    From the reviews I watched on youtube, particularly from mtbr, I went ahead and got myself this unit eventhough I already have the NiteRider MiNewt.250 Cordless Light for my Trek Fuel EX-8 mountain bike. Testing the two lights side by side, the MagicShine TOTALLY out-flooded the NiteRider's beam. The light is super bright, emits a pleasant white color and has a nice even beam pattern. You'll only find this in a $400 light. The construction & material of the MagicShine is well-made and solid too. Btw, the latest version of the MJ-808 (MJ-808E rated at 1000 lumens) fixed some of the issues of the previous version pointed out by mtbr youtube video -(ie) light no longer briefly turns on as soon as it's plugged into the battery; has high, low, (one) flash mode, off mode when pushing the button; no more battery issues & is water sealed.

    Very bright; solid construction; the price of just under $100 for all that power

    On/off button light stays continuously lit, thus will drain the battery if not disconnect after use.

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