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Brand: Light and Motion
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  • RoadWarrior

    Have been using a L&M HID for years, and decided to upgrade to LED. Put the Seca on the bar and the HID on the helmet, and went on a 2 1/2 hr ride. The Seca on low is plenty of light for climbing on logging roads and singletrack. When I hit the faster rolling sections high was all I needed. Coming back down the mountain I turned the HID on, and it provided a great spot beam to look way down the trail. This is the only place the HID outshines the LED. With both lights on high it's like riding in daylight. Also the light never got hot, air temp was 45 deg. and the unit only felt slightly warm to the touch.

    Wide even beam pattern, with enough of a distance reach for almost any speed, Compatible with older L&M batteries (mix and match)

    Expensive but if you can afford it, well worth the cost.

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  • coopbing

    Spend $699 on a stranger in need. It will make you feel better after the money is spent.

    That is so expensive that I somehow think it will make me faster and better.

    That it is $699. If you buy this light you're a sucker.

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  • Syd Patricio

    Super powerful light that works great. The pattern is an imporvement over last years model. The best feature is the pattern does not have the hot spot which some units have. The smooth fill of light and the amount makes this a top model for sure. Racers will love the burn time and light weight of this as well.

    Light...LOTS of light. This unit tosses a tremendous amount of light. Wide and long hot spot with good fill.


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