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  • drewahner

    I have two seasons on this GPS and love it. The screen is super easy to see, and it is nice to use. The accessories are easy to find, and the mounting system is very secure. I use this on my mountain bike, but also on my road bike, in my car, and while hiking.

    Overall, this is a great unit.

    If I were to buy another GPS, I would not hesitate to buy this one again.

    -Easy to load maps, data, and trails

    -Easy-to-see screen


    -Heartrate and cadence capabilities

    -Very reliable

    -Very durable

    -Fully waterproof and shockproof

    -Touch screen is pressure based. This could be a pro or a con. It is nice because you can use it with gloves, but it isnt quite as responsive as some other touchscreens (think smartphones/tablets)

    -A bit heavier than bike specific models. (But also more durable, so a reasonable tradeoff, especially for mountain biking.)

    -Eats batteries, but with the use of AA batteries, it is easy to have a spare set, and using rechargeables is easy. One set of batteries will last you all day, but more than that would be a push.

    -Not compatible with power meters. This won't matter for 99% of people, but it is the only TRUE limitation I know of.

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  • jfigel76

    Garmin makes the best GPS for caching and in my pack for biking.

    Touchscreen, good reception, and lots of features.

    Screen is hard to read in sunlight. Battery killer (1 day).

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  • aryukha

    I would not hesitate to buy this unit again.

    Easy to download GPS data from the trails is easy! Water proof and the accy's are cheap for it. Totally self contained unit. Touchscreen


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