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  • DB4LYall

    Click it in and go. Never had to worry about the GPS even when I crashed and burned the gps was still on the mount. Great item

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  • massspike

    If you own a Garmin GPS, you want one of these. I own 4 (one for each bike).

    This bracket is one of the main reasons for buying a Garmin GPS: it provides a secure mechanism for mounting your unit to your bike; you can place it in a convenient and visible location (e.g., close to your preferred hand); and it is exposed to the sky (better reception).

    Ease of use -- quick insertion and removal of the unit.
    Reliability -- holds the unit securely on the roughest terrain.

    Standard model can be difficult to fit on some MTB bars -- they now make a larger (25-32mm) adapter.

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  • KenfromCali

    Regardless of the unit you use, get the most out of by being able to view it while riding. I recommend the handle bar mounts for anyone with a Garmin.

    I'm able to mount my Garmin on my bars and be able to see the unit while riding.

    I haven't had anything to complain about with the Garmin eTrex Vista Cx mounted. The battery issue with the eTrex Vista has been taken care of with the Vista Cx, so vibration is no longer a problem.

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  • Jeff Barber

    Unfortunately this is the best option for mounting your Garmin eTrex to your mountain bike. Also note that you'll need to give your batteries some extra padding so they don't get jostled out of position when you hit the trail. Just put some foam into the battery compartment and secure the back tightly.

    One of the only ways to mount your Garmin GPS to your bike.

    Expensive. Can break fairly easily (I am on my second one).

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