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  • jaredmcvay

    Have been using it for years. Even have maps for other countries and they come in handy. Good enough to buy a second for the wife. Use it most for Geocaching, but works great to find the SP for a new trail.

    Off road tracking
    Water Resistant
    Expandable Memory

    Gets lost under thick trees

    Hard to use on a bike or in the car. Set it and let it go.

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  • JJonas

    Good GPSr that will fill my needs for a few years. There are limitations, but I think there are ways to work around them. The ability to carry many digital maps on a microSD card (the size of your fingernail and can hold up to 2GBs!) is a vast improvement over the non-Cx units.

    It comes with a screw-on clip for mounting to the existing Garmin bike mounts so no need to buy an extra bike mount backing plate.

    The color screen, the ability to load custom maps, and the microSD card make this unit versatile enough for use from navigating city streets to trails in far-off places. The tracklog can be loaded directly onto the microSD card so no worries about losing tracks on those epic all day/multiday rides. Carrying a few microSD cards with adjacent maps takes up no room in the pack but can greatly add to the detail of the maps in the area you're traveling.

    Additional GPX files can be loaded on the microSD card but cannot be shown on the screen or transferred internally to the tracks (and vice versa). Still limited by having to upload GPX files as individual tracks (limited to 350 track points/track) and you can only house 20 tracks on the unit. No SiRF3 antenna for receiving under thick forest canopies. Cannot use georeferenced image files (GeoTIFFs, jpg2000, MrSID, etc) in the base map. Basemaps are limited to vector graphics.

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  • KenfromCali

    I recommend this unit for anyone who is looking for a GPS unit for the outdoors and who would like one for traveling or finding their way around town or traveling...that is very versatile and very dependable.

    I've dropped it several times (not on purpose) and the unit has not skipped a beat. The unit has been used in wet conditions (not submersed) and continues to function without issues...

    GREAT GPS...I love it!!!

    The color screen makes it very easy to see, even in bright sun light. The eTrex Vista Cx has the SD Micro cards that make the unit very versatile. I have one 64 mb card that I use with Garmins City Navigator v7 which gives me the ability to use the unit in the car. It provides the user with over 6 million POI's and works much like a Tom Tom or any other Garmin unit one would use in their vehicle. I have a second 32 mb Micro SD card that I use with the US Topo maps. This allows the user to take it into the wilderness and the topographical maps are of great quality and very detailed.

    There is an altimeter and compass. There is a great screen for mountain biking/cycling where the user has a large selection of information from elevation, odometer, time moving, time stopped, average speed, average speed while moving...the list goes on. A user can also retrieve their total elevation.

    The eTrex Vista (not CX) had issues with the battery compartment that made the unit shut off. This has been fixed and I've had zero problems with the unit shutting off on a hard ride. The GPS signal was improved as well. Riding in a heavily wooded area I have not experienced the unit losing signalmore than a couple of times in the ten months I have owned it.

    There is also software available for boating, fishing, US Parks, etc...

    A great investment for an outdoor person.

    The price gets up there once you buy the various software and an additional SD card (not mandatory, but convenient).

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