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  • JJonas

    I've had this unit for four years and it definitely kept me from getting lost more than once, even though it's very simple. With pre-ride map work, I was able to complete many 100+ multiday off-road rides without ever having to pull out the map. When it comes down to it, basemaps are not really needed if you did your homework before you hit the trail. Well placed waypoints and a good route are really all you need. Everything else is just for entertainment. With that being said, I also have a Vista Cx and the basemaps are cool...I enjoy looking at the contour lines and all the additional information, but they don't really add to my navigation...DON'T RELY ON A GPS ALONE...THEY CAN FALL OFF YOUR HANDLEBARS OR GET BROKEN IN A WRECK LEAVING YOU LOST IN THE WOODS...ALWAYS CARRY A MAP AND COMPASS TOO.

    I like this simple unit because it's just that...Simple...There is enough functionality to keep you on track if you have an existing track or route. It has the barometric correction for altitude which comes in handy in ensuring accurate vertical feet climbed.

    No basemaps, limited active track length (3000 points), can only show one track at a time.

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