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  • MTB Crackfox

    This is a great option for adding tension to your chain to help stop dropped chains. It comes in at around $40 and does a 95% job. You'll never stop all chain drops, but for a measly $40 you can stop almost all of them. The install couldn't go easier. As the other review stated, a Bashring helps the Stinger work at it's peak. Great Buy for a great price. My Install went without mods, simply pulled my cranks and slapped it on. And if you do still have chain slap and don't want to spend money on a guard, do as I did in the photo, use a tube you have popped, some super glue and two zip strips and wrap your chain stay. Running that bad boy for a couple years and cost me literally $0.50 for the zip strips and glue used.

    Easy to install
    Stops Dropped Chains

    Need to replace Roller after lots of use.

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  • beach_boy86

    It's hard to be negative on a needed product that comes in under the $40 mark. The Stinger does a good job providing tension to your chain system and does reduce the amount of drop chains in a 2x setup. The chain moves up onto the roller shoulder when you shift into your higher (22-24t) front chainring.

    However, despite the added tension I still managed to drop multiple chains (falling towards the BB side) when I rode rougher trails. I also experienced a lot of chain noise as the chain still managed to hit the bike's chainstays.

    Lastly in order for the Stinger to be positioned correctly on my 2009 Giant Reign 1 it required some serious modifications.

    All in all, if you want a bit tension in your chain setup but don't want to sacrifice the resistance than the Stinger is a great choice. However don't expect this to be the cure all for dropped chains.

    - Lightweight
    - Adds tension to the chain to reduce the potential of dropping chains
    - Cheap
    - Roller works well for both medium and small rings
    - Low rolling resistance

    - Dropped chains (towards the BB) in rough terrain
    - Required modification to fit and function properly on my bike
    - Requires a bashguard to operate at it's highest efficiency

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