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  • CarbonVanilla

    The Flea is a great head light, I’ve been using it for well over 8 months now, rain, snow or shine and I haven’t had too big of an issue with it. Like I said, the light is best suited for short to medium bike rides and works well for commuters who typically ride in the dark. I wouldn’t recommend this light for long distance rides, unless you plan on riding fast enough to compensate for battery life. The light can be mounted on any road or mountain bike and charging them is easy.

    Just because the sun ain’t shinin’ don’t mean you can’t stop ridin’, grab those wheels and get rollin yahs slackers.

    Deceptively small but powerful, light weight, very bright light, water resistant. Takes about 15-45 minutes for a recharge and can last anywhere from 3 hours on full charge to 9 depending on the mode you use (standard—5hrs, full— about 3hrs, flash—about 9hrs). Comes in one of two recharge systems, either usb or folding solar pad (old system used cable terminals to connect to 1.5 volt AA, AAA and D batteries to recharge); all systems are easy to use. Great mounting strap that can be adjusted to about any diameter tubing you can find on a mountain or road bike, and can be mounted on certain helmets like the Giro Hex.

    Sadly this light has only been able to last me about 3 hours of full power lighting. If your ride takes longer than that, I would suggest using another light system with stronger battery life. The Flea is great for short-medium distance rides, especially for those who commute in the dark. Also the mounting strap doesn’t last long if you’re tightening it around your handle bars too tight, I’ve gone through 2 straps already that have become frayed from over tightening (just enough strength to hold it in place is all you need). The strap can be replaced for velcro straps from a hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

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  • DB4LYall

    Great light for the money. Recharge for this light is easy and can do it in the car if you have usb charger

    Light last 1.5 on bright.

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  • vbyfif

    Perfect when you end up staying out after dark when you did not mean to. Fully capable as a road bike/commuting light. OK off-road so long as the trail surface is well defined and you don't want to go too fast.

    Small, lightweight, super simple mount that works, blindingly bright flash mode, bright enough to ride by, charges from cell type battery (no wall outlet needed to recharge)

    If you could lightly depress the switch and have it go into flash mode for a few seconds, then go back to steady this would be the most perfect itsy bitsy light ever.

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