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Building The First Trail in Phil’s Backyard Bike Park [Video]

Phil gets started building a backyard bike park for mountain biking.

Watch: How MTB Shocks Actually Work // Mountain Bike Suspension Basics Explained

Phil looks at how mountain bike shocks and suspension work, and explains things in very simple terms.

Watch: 7 NEW Mountain bike Tricks You Have Not Seen In Other Videos

These mountain bike tricks range from beginner / easy to learn tricks to more advanced tricks.

Watch: Building a Beginner-Friendly Ramp to Learn MTB Gap Jumps

How to build a set of bike ramps to learn mountain bike skills like landing progressively bigger gap jumps.

Watch: Phil Talks Jump Timing, Hardtail Landing Tips, and Flat Pedal Wheel Lifts

Phil explains mountain bike jump timing, hardtail jump techniques, and flat pedal tips for rear wheel lifts.

Watch: Should You Land Front OR Back Wheel First?

Expert tips for landing mountain bike jumps.

Watch: Sending the Biggest Jumps at Whistler Bike Park on a Trail Bike! – Crabapple Hits

Crabapple Hits are the biggest jumps at whistler bike park. These were designed to be ridden with long travel downhill bikes in mind and not a trail bike. So of course that begs the question, can a 130mm Trail bike handle the abuse of Crabapple Hits?

Watch: Is Highland the Best Mountain Bike Park in the USA?

Highland Mountain bike park is my personal favorite bike park in the USA. Highland is a family owned and operated bike park, complete dedicated to mountain biking. I’ve been riding Highland since 2006, and I was really excited to get a chance to show the Single Track Sampler why it’s one of the best bike …

Watch: Bike Trail or Graveyard?! Millstone MTB Trails, Barre, Vermont

We are almost literally mountain biking in a graveyard. These Millstone MTB Trails in Barre Vermont are built around abandoned granite quarries. The Barre Granite mined from these quarries is some of the highest quality granite in the world and use commonly for gravestones. This is by far one of the most unique mountain bike …

Watch: Chasing Nate Hills and Jeff Lenosky – Jester Burke Mountain VT

After riding Kingdom Trails during NEMBA Fest all day, Jeff Lenosky, Nate Hills and I headed up to Burke Mountain for a lap down Jester. This was my first time really meeting both of the guys and wow do they rip!!! Not only that, but they are super genuine and fun to ride with. Nate …

Watch: Phil Builds a Portable, Mini Booter Ramp, Then Uses it to Jump Everything

Phil builds a portable, backpack-style booter ramp and proceeds to launch himself over various obstacles he finds around town. Who knew someone could get so rad on a 4″ ramp?

Watch: Cool Tubeless Tire Inflator Hack for Less than $10!

Have you wanted to go tubeless but didn’t have a compressor? For under $10 bucks we can hack a home depot garden sprayer into a cheap homemade compressor to inflate and seed our tubeless MTB tires. This simple trick is ridiculously simple, but super effective on most tubeless tires. This will work better on some …

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