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Banshee Prime V3.2 All-Mountain, ‘Do-All’ Bike In for Test

The Banshee Prime is the brand’s answer to the trail/all-mountain 29er segment. We’ve got one fresh in for test to see how it performs.

Gravel Specific Bar Tape? Testing PNW Coast Bar Tape in Vancouver

PNW Coast bar tape Is a grippy, comfy, and reasonably priced gravel grip.

Quick and Easy MTB Brake Caliper Service: Hold the Lube!

Sticky brake pistons can be an absolute nightmare, making it difficult or even impossible to align your calipers. Learn how to quickly and easily service your caliper for free-spinning brakes.

Tech Tips: Changing a CushCore Tire Insert

Are you intimidated by the idea of installing or removing a tire insert? Worry not, we’ve got you!⁠ Check out this full guide to CushCore removal and installation.

Trailside Fixes for SRAM AXS Wireless Shifting

SRAM AXS is usually pretty damn reliable, but occasionally things can go wrong. Check out this guide for some tips and tricks to get back to shifting nirvana.

How to Rebuild a Cartridge Dropper Post

Cartridge style dropper posts are both cheap and reliable, but a little preventative maintenance certainly helps. Learn how to keep your dropper post in tip-top shape with this guide.

This PNW Dropper Post Also Has Suspension [Review]

The PNW Coast Suspension dropper is a seatpost that incorporates 40mm of suspension travel with up to 120mm of drop for gravel riding and mountain biking. It’s a novel idea for sure, but how does it stack up?

$69 PNW Coast Gravel Handlebar May be the Wide Drop Bar Mountain Bikers Need [Review]

PNW’s Coast gravel handlebar and stem are much wider than a conventional drop bar, helping off-road riders feel more comfortable on their drop bar, off-road bike.

Is Electronic Shifting Really That Amazing?

Electronic shifting is heralded as a revelation in mountain bike drivetrain technology, but is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Squamish to Whistler via the Sea to Sky Trail on Drop Bars

A ride report and guide to biking the Sea to Sky trail from Squamish to Whistler, British Columbia.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Bike Wheel Truing

Learn the basics of bike wheel truing and keep your wheels running straighter, longer.

Bontrager Foray Shoes are a Versatile and Stiff All-Rounder

The Bontrager Foray is a great shoe for anyone who wants a mid-range XC/trail riding shoe and values comfort and efficiency over either race-level stiffness or sending gnarly trails.

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